Bhasvic 2 – 12 Worthing 1 -77 Sussex County Cup

This Wednesday saw the first team travel in the County Cup to Brighton uni to play Bhasvics second team. A squad of 10 was chosen and off we went in the opposite direction to the norm.

Bhasvic also had a squad of 10, however the strength of the Worthing attack proved far too strong for them, Katie B and Rosanna in fine form scoring 24 goals in the first 15 mins which really killed the game off as the opposition scored 4. With a squad of 10, I had already decided it was an ideal time to look at different combinations and they changed each quarter so I could decide which really is our best 7.

Amelia & Ella in defense worked hard as their challenge had been for Bhasvic to score no more than 10, the attack were given the challenge of scoring 60.

An interesting game where the girls all worked hard but there is still a lot of work to be done, a lot of the passing was behind the player, balls into the circle were not high enough or hard enough and the positioning in the centre court still needs work.

Good result however and I think the first teams of Bhasvic and Collyers were left with food for thought.

MOM Katie Begley

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