Worthing college 80 – PS 15

The day started with tired eyes on the minibus and a stop to Boots opticians. The closer we got to Southampton the heavier the rain seemed to get. The game started with the girls in high hopes for a good win as we’d played this side before with good results. Within the first minute a turn over from Ashleigh Smith and a pass out wide to Alice Hagan put us five points ahead. The first of Maddy Burnage’s four tries came from a kick through the defence, a quick pick up and a sprint for the try line. Awesome hands and strong tackling from Georgia Green and Sophie Bulbeck (awarded players of the match) in their first game led to tries from Megan Kirby. Closely following these tries, Harmony Driver crossed the whitewash after a crashing run from Charlotte Guest and a perfectly timed offload also, Megan Kirby came storming through their defence not once but twice on her debut game!!In the last 20 minutes of the game, it was decided that PS were going to put more players on the pitch (we counted 13) due to the fact Worthing College were having such a strong defensive and attacking game. Even with odds against us, Charlotte Williams, with a devastating run, sprinted half the pitch to score yet another try to PS three. Big hits, after big hits in the last few minutes lead to a knock on, with quick reactions and clear decisions Ashleigh sniped through the defence linking with Catriona Phillips to score under the posts.

Overall, a positive display from the Worthing AASE rugby girls and a great spring board for future successes this season.

Ashleigh Smith x3
Harmony Driver x3
Alice Hagan x2
Catriona Phillips x1
Maddy Burnage x4
Charlotte Williams x1
Megan Kirby x2

Written by Charlotte Guest, Harmony Driver and Georgia Green.

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