Brockenhurst 30 Worthing 18 Hampshire League

The day started badly with the loss of Rosanna to illness and Alice also feeling very poorly (but a big thank you for coming) also to Gabbi who grabbed her kit at very late notice to make up the squad.
The day got worse when the girls got on the Pavilion mini bus and two complained of very wet seats !! – this was then compounded when the mini bus went over a speed bump and Katie Lankshear got a shower from the roof – a very leaky mini bus. An emergency trip was made to Pavilion where a very speedy change over happened to enable us to travel to the New Forest.

On arrival it was extremely wet so a decision was made to play indoors – the court was far from ideal with no run off and the Brock Basketball Academy in situ providing quite a hostile atmosphere for the Worthing girls. We did not start well, forcing balls into the circle which were intercepted, miss placed passing and a general panic on court – quarter time 7-2. The girls were asked to take care of the ball, feed from the circle edge and be tighter in defence, the second quarter was slightly better but we could not improve the difference in score. Changes made at half time (the disadvantage of playing away is you can only take one sub so options very limited). The game went away from Worthing and its fair to say it was a bad performance, not that the girls didn’t try, but we couldn’t get it right. Video analysis Friday girls .

Player of the match Katie Lankshear

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