Meet the Squad: Conor Thompson

In the first of the ‘Meet the Squad’ series of interviews we catch up with Worthing College Rugby 2nd XV Captain Conor Thompson and look forward to the season ahead.

Conor Thompson Captain of the Worthing College Greens 2014-15
Conor Thompson Captain of the Worthing College 2nd XV                     2014-15

Quick Questions:

Q. What are you studying at Worthing College?

CT: Maths AS, Physics AS, Drama A2

Q. What position do you play?

CT: Inside Centre.

Q. What Club do you play for?

CT: I don’t play for a club at the moment.

Q.  Who is the best Rugby player in the world?

CT: Scottish Full Back Chris Patterson- best kicker Scotland has ever had and played for a long time keeping Scots hope alive on numerous occasions.

Q. What was your best rugby moment?

CT: Making a 30m line break in a trial game and sending the pass to a team mate for the score- cemented my place in the squad this season.

Q. If you could be any sports performer in history, who would you be?

CT: I would be Ma’Nonu, he is an All Black the best team in the world. He looks intimidating during the Haka and a better kicker than people think.

Q. Other interests?

CT: I enjoy reading, my favourite book is ‘Call of the Wild’ by Jack London. I read philosophy books and enjoying camping.

Q. Thoughts for the Season

CT: We have two young squads going out in the Sussex Development 10s at Lewes RFC tomorrow. I am looking for a good performance in defence and a few wins. I would like us to beat some of the local rivals and see some of the U17s step up.

The rest of the season will be challenging but we have a motivated group of young player that are keen to learn!

Fixtures for tomorrows tournament at Lewes RFC

PoolA Pitch 1                                            Start times
(1).Newman vs (2)Collyers 1                         13 00
(3) Weald vs (6) chichester                           13:20
(5)Beacon vs (4) Worthing 2                    13: 35
(3) Weald vs (4) Worthing (2)                  13:50
(6) Chichester vs (1) Newman                       14:10
(2) Collyers vs (5) Beacon                             14: 30
(6)Chichester vs (4) Worthing (2)            14:45
(2) Collyers 1 vs (3)Weald                             15:05
(1) Newman vs (5)Beacon                             15:25
(1) Newman vs (4)Worthing (2)               15:45
(5) Beacon vs (3) Weald                               16:05
(6) Chichester vs (2) Collyers(1)                    16:25
(5) Beacon vs (6) Chichester                         16:05
(1) Newman vs (3) Weald                              16:25
(4) Worthing(2) vs Collyers(1)                  16:45
Pool B Pitch 2
(1) Cen Sussex vs (4) Bexhill                         13:00
(2) Collyers (2) vs (3)Worthing (B )          13:20
(3) Worthing (B) vs (1)Cen Sussex            13:35
(5) Steyning vs (4)Bexhill                              13:50
(5) Steyning vs (3) Worthing (B)               13:50
(1) Cen Sussex vs (2) Collyers (2)                  14:10
(2) Collyers vs (5) Steyning)                          14:30
(3) Worthing (B) vs (4) Bexhill                  14:45
(4) Bexhill vs (2) Collyers (2)                         14:05
(5) Steyning vs (1) Cen Sussex                      14:25


So Conor is upbeat and excited about the season ahead. Lets hope that he and the Worthing College 2nd XV are successful in the coming weeks and months.

Worthing College 2ndXV (Green) Squad
Worthing College 2ndXV (Green) Squad

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