Worthing College Netball Academy ended the Hampshire League with two victorious wins against Bayhouse School Gosport.
Due to a short amount of players, the seconds brought along 3 football girls to complete the team- Caroline Hodgson – WA, Hayley Bridge- C and Maddie Burnage- GD. The rest of the team included- GS- Morgan Barnard, GA- Rachel Wilson, WD- Robyn Wisdom and GK- Louisa Hughes.

We started the first quarter off by showing Bayhouse who was boss. The girls were flying all over the court getting tips and interceptions from all over the place, especially Caroline and Hayley using their springs to their advantage and working amazingly across court and feeding great balls into Rachel and Morgan who then finished the great play off with some amazing shots. We dominated the first quarter ended it with a 12-0 to Worthing! The rest of the game just kept getting better. All the girls worked so hard and defensively we were on form. Robyn blocking Bayhouse’s WA from feeding and Louise and Maddie making a great defensive partnership in the circle both making it very hard for the Bayhouse shooters to score and this was proved with the final score ending 44-8 to Worthing College. A fabulous win and a pleasure to umpire. You should all be so pleased with your progress. Well Done girls 

Thank you again to Caroline, Maddie and Hayley for helping us out and for playing so fantastically. Well done to Morgan Barnard who got the Player of the Match.

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