Worthing Colleges Netball Academy finished off the Hampshire League programme with outstanding wins yesterday at Bayhouse School Gosport with the first team winning 55-12 and the second team winning 44-8.
Sharna Challenger, making her first team debut, was steady and composed in the centre of the court (although I don’t believe this was how she was feeling). She made numerous good feeds into the circle where Abi Lane was on fire, barely missing a shot for the first three quarters. Supported by Lana Brynes who worked tirelessly throughout the game, the pair racked up 55 goals in 48 mins and completely demoralised the Bayhouse defence.
Defensively Shannon Brightman intercepted numerous balls and run the show, supported by Amelia Smith, who despite having a sickness bug played rather than let the team down. Katie Lankshear made it difficult for their WA to even get the ball, whilst Katherine Heater worked extremely well in attack with Sharna and Lana.
Girls you have come a long way since the first game of the season against Farnborough and should be pleased with your progress

MOM Abi Lane

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