Womens football 2

BCS Premier Cup Semi final – Worthing 1 – 2 Balby Carr.

This was a very tense affair, both sides showed a lot of commitment but the football was a bit rushed and anxious during the first half. Balby scored early on from a good cross and finish after a bit of sustained pressure, Worthing didn’t really get going until late on putting some reasonable passes together to create a couple of opportunities.

The second half was better from Worthing’s point of view with some neat football and this created more opportunities,Hayley Bridge going clean through after some lovely dribbling skills unfortunately her shot went wide. Worthing scored after a poor goal kick from the Balby keeper which resulted in Paige Adams passing the ball into the net. There were many opportunities for both teams but some hurried shots resulted in no further goals.

Extra Time
The game really came to life in this 20 minutes both teams creating numerous chances but Balby managed to convert one of theirs. Worthing left 2 at the back for the last 7 mins but couldn’t convert the opportunities and sadly lost the game.

Great fighting spirit throughout.

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