WCRG 17 Brockenhurst 27

Worthing travelled to the New Forest to play a strong Brock side both fresh from many weeks of rained off fixtures. So a little rust was to be expected and so it proved for the Greens as they seemed disjointed during the opening encounters. Plenty of endeavour was on display from the younger smaller Worthing team although as shown in the first half heart will get you only so far!

Brock were on the board within the first five minutes as they put a number of phases together to score in the corner.

Worthing were unable to contain the home side around the ruck and in the midfield where the Greens were disconnected for much of the opening half. This was taken advantage of on a number of occasions and gave the home side plenty of go forward.

A weak kick chase allowed a strong counter attack to develop and this was excellently finished by the right wing leaving three defenders in his wake.Worthing were now really up against it and this appeared to stoke the Green flame. Upping the pace of the game Worthing put plenty of pressure on the Brock line and after forcing the defence into 3 penalties close to the line and Lee took the chance to get over. 22-5 Brock.

Half time and after a couple of ‘inspirational’ words from the coach the Greens came out with a renewed vigor. Challenging the kick off the Greens turned over the ball and set about pressuring the defence again. Quickly going at every opportunity Worthing built more and more pressure on the line with Agostini carrying very hard and getting over to score the second Worthing try. 22-12 Brock.

A couple of errors led to Worthing conceding and the final Brock try. Lacking concentration at the free kick the big Tight Head crashed over even despite the heroic effort from Mitchell on the line. 27-12 Brock.

From this moment on it was all Worthing. The front row in all of it’s configurations Of Calleja, Lee, Bathurst and Boxall was more than a match for the more experienced opponents. Giving a solid if not always consistent platform to attack from. Clarkson, Lynch and McGowan had their strongest matches for college this year. Each man working hard in the loose, at the breakdown and when on the ball. Hammond took to the back row well and was more than a match for his opposite man in all areas of the game. Hunter was building his link with both Clarkson and Agostini at the base of the scrum. When they did connect as an 8-9 partnership plenty of go forward was evident and Mitchell, Fowler, Byrne and Freeman all benefited from it, looking dangerous on the ball as a result. Fowler carried very well and beat at least 10 defenders during the match. Thompson and Cox were again strong in the middle, neither man shirking their responsibilities and both threatening on the ball. Hunter got through lots of work, probably too much for a 9, but again he always threatened. His link play with Scott was pleasing to see as they started to boss the side and ask questions of the defending side. One of the most impressive performances of the day came from Reynolds as when on the field he made two momentum changing, filling rattling head ringing hits that gained plenty of approval from the assembled onlookers.

Final score WCRG 17 Brockenhurst 27.

Disappointing in the end as mistakes and rust played their part in splitting the two very even sides.


Forwards: Ciaran McGowan

Backs: Sam Fowler

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