WCR Blues 10 Seaford College 32

WCR Blues 10 Seaford College 32

The manner in which the home side celebrated their victory at the final whistle showed the battle had been tough and thorough.

In all honesty Seaford were good for their win and deserve every praise given. They were clinical and as a contest it was almost over at half time. Great game management by the home side had allowed them to use the conditions and the slope on the pitch to play in the right parts of the field. Building pressure and creating some excellent individual moments they went over 3 times in the first period.

Worthing were defending very well strange as that may sound and on phase ball were more than a match for their opponents and were gaining the upper hand in the exchanges. This too was the case during the scrum although the line out was uncharacteristically poor and the forwards were unable to produce the platform needed to build pressure enough to influence the game.

At half time discussions were had and the Blues came out firing in the second period. The scrum remained strong and in the ascendancy, the kicking game was developing and gaining good territory. For the most part to no positive result, getting into the opposition 22 on 3 occasions but being turned over and coming away with nothing. But one catch and drive line out was a success and this made for a great try. Worthing back in it at 25-10. The next score vital! Unfortunately with the bounce of a ball Worthing were not able to convert a length of the field foot race and the chance was gone. Seaford then went up the other end and scored a converted try. 32-10 seems a little unfair but you don’t score the points you don’t deserve to win!

Pleasingly both the Seaford and Worthing coaches agreed at the end of the match that the Blues were much the better side in the second period. Sadly the score would tell a different story. Good news is that today’s squad consisted of 9 U18s and 13 U17s so all is good for next season if the summer is used well.

No stand outs no epic fails. Gibson and Hrydynskyy get the names on the score sheet but the team performance was much better than any two players.

Rest up, eat well and we will be on the bus to training at 11am.

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