Worthing Netball 2nd Team v Itchen

The second team set off on their travels for Itchen College, for an inside fixture thankfully, on a very wet Wednesday afternoon. Following on from two successive victories, the girls were looking to make it a third win in a row.  The game started and it was evident very early on that it was going to be a competitve and somewhat bruising affair. Both sides in too much of a rush and errors across all areas of the court, leasd to few shooting opportunities and first quarter ended 3-3. The second quarter started better with Worthing scoring off the first three centres, and Lauren holding the defence firm. Robyn was battling hard at WD, experiencing her first physical game which she coped with well. Sharna played well at Centre, linking play well. Because the court play improved the shooters had more opportunities which they took and quarter ended 10-5.

Changes made at half term unsettled the team, coupled with the fact they brought on a very tall shooter, who just held her position. Lusia battled very well and made her life difficult, however Itchen pulled back the deficit and thrd quarter ended 14-12 Worthing. Now it was a case of digging deep and holding their nerve, Itchen had many opportunities to equalise the game but Lauren in particular seemed to be everywhere in defence collecting rebounds, at the other end Sax scored a much needed goal with a minute to go which gae Worthing 19-17 lead which they held onto to ensure that the 2nd team are unbeaten in 2014. Well done girls, however fitness is still an issue and you must ensure those gym sessions are attended and you work hard.

MOM – Saxona Woolgar, who very sportingly said that Lauren Steady deserved it.

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