Worthing College Women’s football 2nd XI v Peter Symonds 22/1

The first game after the Christmas break saw Worthing travel to Peter Symonds. With the squad limited to a bare 11 it was going to need a hard working team
performance. The girls started very strongly after Rebekah went through one on one with the keeper and slid the ball past her to make it 1-0. After a scrappy few minutes Worthing found themselves 2-0 up after Paige Adams beat the offside trap successfully for what was to be the only time out of 100 attempts and she calmly took it round the oncoming keeper and slotted into the empty net.

The game continued to be scrappy and the second half saw an onslaught from Symonds and two quick fire goals. The game ended up 2-2 with the girls defending out the draw for the last parts of the game. An all round solid team performance with Chloe Johnson and Shercarla Lurring the outstanding individuals.
Goals: Rebekah, Paige POM: Chloe Johnson, Shercarla Lurring

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