Worthing College Netball 2nd Team 35 St Vincents 14

This game was probably one of the strangest games I have every witnessed. The 1st quarter of this game was a very competitve match with some very good play and some not so good play from both teams, the GA from St Vincents scored her first 4 shots, we missed ours but we rallied and finished the quarter 7-6 up. Changes were made by swapping Saxona to GS and Rachel to GA, wow what a difference (if only David Moyes had been able to do that last night !!).

The netball from Worthing College for the next 15 mins was amazing, particularly in the shooting circle, we scored an amazing 16 goals to their 4 in reply. Quarter ended 25-10. Now thought the coach we will just continue in this vein, how wrong you can be, the third quarter was a dire affair of netball, mistakes all over the court and it took us 11 mins to score a goal !! 2-2 the third quarter score. Girls had no answer to why after such a great 2nd quarter the 3rd quarter should be so poor.  Fortunately the 4th quarter was a better one, we stepped it back up again and the game ended 35-14

MOM Sharna Challenger

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