AASE Women’s Open Day

Saturday 18th January saw Worthing College open its doors to budding FEMALE RUGBY STARS looking to progress their playing career to the World Stage!

The day consisted of a short presentation, Q  & A and tour of the facilities to introduce players to the surroundings of Worthing College, and to enable an examination of the ethos and culture necessary when striving for excellence in rugby. This was followed by a training session, jointly delivered by Alex Austerberry (RFUW, Divisional Talent Development Officer for the South East) and Mark Rugman (AASE Women’s Rugby Manager), who coached a session looking at the skills needed to succeed in the ladies game in both the 15s and 7s versions.

“I was very pleased to see a number of talented girls who have the potential to succeed in the ladies game attending on Saturday.” Mark Rugman said.  “The structure and sporting ethos in place at Worthing College will ensure that the aspirational and talented Women’s Rugby players, who choose to study and train at Worthing College, will further their careers and no doubt represent themselves on the World stage”

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) programme is designed to meet the needs of young people, aged between 16 and 18 who have the potential to achieve excellence in rugby while pursuing their chosen academic education at the same time.

The benefits of studying the AASE Girl’s Rugby programme at Worthing College

  • This is an elite sports programme
  • You will improve your understanding of what it takes to perform at the highest level
  • You will enhance your technical, tactical, physical and psychological performance and develop your rugby performance
  • Provides an outstanding opportunity for supporting progression to University
  • The College team has a competitive fixture list including the Rosslyn Park National 7s, BCS South East Regional Competition (where girls are selected to represent their region) and the BCS Women’s Cup.
  • You will improve your life skills and potentially find progression pathways to alternative sports employment.

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