Worthing College V Barton Peveril – First & 2nd Team reports

First Team – Barton Peveril 36 Worthing College 15

Fixture took place in their sports hall which was a relief as the rain was pouring, it was also nice because only one fixture could take place at a time, the girls were able to support one another. Unfortunately the Collge team was hampered due to the suspension of the GS, so Shannon Brightman had to step up to play GA and Lana Byrnes to GS. On arrival it was noted that 2 of Barton’s girls had made it into the BCS National Squad so it was going to be a tought ask with only one regular shooter. Worthing did not get off to a good start, centre court play was poor and we were not tough enough in defence as the score at quarter time was 12-3 to them. Words were said at the break and the 2nd quarter was soo much better (4-4) Sadley the third and fourth quarter were very similar to the first. LAck of heart from some of the players. Lana Byrnes deservedly got man of the match, closely followed by Shannon Brightman who despite playing out of position played her heart out.

Barton Peveril 10 Worthing College 17 (2nd TEam)

Training last Friday and Monday had gone well with the 2nd team who were really looking forward to this game. The play in the first quarter was good but we were unable to convert our shots and the quarter ended 2-0 to Barton Peveril, words of encouragement at quarter time and a swap of GS/GA to GA/GS proved the way  forward.Saxona’s shots were going in and Rachel’s work rate down court excellent. This coupled with every player working as a defender when we had lost possession proved successful – quarter ended 5-3 Worthing. Confidence was now high, a change of Morgan to WA and Sharna to C also worked as the third quarter continued in the same vein as the second, Saxona shooting well, centre court working hard and Luisa making many a timely interception in defence. 10-6 to Worthing. the fourth quarter started badly, nerves getting to the Worthing girls and Barton’s GS suddenly hitting form and the net, at one point the score was 10-9 Worthing.  We then pulled ourselves together Rachel shooting a couple of timely goals, then Sax scoring from distance and Worthing took it away wining the game 17-10.

It was a delight, every player had given everything, supported each other, played with a smile and were worthy winners. Onwards and Upwards Girls

MOM – Saxona Woolgar

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