Women’s AASE Rugby progress into the next round of the BCS Women’s Cup, keeping their 100% Win record

Women’s AASE Rugby progress into the next round of the BCS Women’s Cup, keeping their  100% Win record

The AASE rugby girls at Worthing College have played 7 since the start of term and are still undefeated. The latest opponents saw the girls play against a strong Woking team, who were well represented with Esher and Divisional Talent.  With the strength and depth of both Worthing and Woking, both teams were able to put out two sevens team, finishing with a 10 a side fixture at the end.

The first match saw Worthing College come away with a 22 – 5 victory with notable tries from Amy Martin and a well worked team try within the first minute of receiving a kick off, going from one touch line to the other to create space.

The next result was again as impressive as the first, with Worthing College scoring 20 – 0 , with a notable performances from Robyn Wisdom, who both showed her versatility playing in numerous positions throughout the game.

The last game, against Peter Symonds College, was played in the spirit of the game, with a number of players on both teams having no more than one year of rugby experience. This was another tough affair with Worthing College being put under pressure from a well worked line out. However, the game finished 15 – 5 to Worthing, with Charlotte Guest and Katie Phillips turning in notable performances.

“3 wins from today was the target, and we did well to achieve that considering the opposition and players being out through injury” said Mark Rugman, Worthing AASE Rugby Coach. “However the girls seemed disappointed with their own performances, which shows winning is not only enough for these girls. I admire their ambition and training over the Christmas months is going to be tough, with notable rewards.”

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