WCRG 24 Henley College 15

Not an ideal start, quick 5 minute warm up (which was awful) and then straight in to the game. From kick off, receiving formation was poor, call from Sam B, when Ben C was in better position to receive and neither caught the ball!! But situation cleaned up and we then played. Early scrummages were under pressure and lost against the head. But the desire to go forward eventually paid off and Woody scored after a catch and drive was held up and Simone off loaded. 5-0.   Play continued and Greens always on the front foot but a speculator went to them and their wing ran full length to score, kick missed. 5-5.   Noise and intensity went down and an 8-9-14 left us exposed for a 10-5. The other wing then shreded our disorganised D and another score left Greens down 15-5 at half time. Chat at half identified players now in shells and momentum had been lost. Re-established targets for 2nd half and Greens came out firing again. Within 5 minutes penalty and then tap and go left Josh Steggles carving through under the poles, 10-15 as kick missed (No kicking tee????? Attention to detail??) Henley ramped up pressure but D held out and Greens kept a firm hold on the game.  Simone then picked from base of scrum, made yards, offload to Ben C and Jack S who all made good yards. Penalty, quick tap from Josh who released James M to score under poles again.They lent us a cone (very kind), kick made and Greens now 17-15 up. Next phase saw Greens turn over ball, Simone then went on the rampage and busted through from our own 10m line for a score and a 24-15 lead. Henley then stepped up and Greens were under pressure. Ben C managed a great steal to relieve the situation and and clear the lines. One more blast from their wing nearly scored but he stepped on the line, which was due to last ditch tackle attempt from Sam Fowler. After that, lineout and then scrum and Josh booted away for full time. Effort and attitude throughout and desire/hunger won the game. Some good individual skills but some rugby sense is now the focus for future.


Development issues;

Kick off formation, Attacking appropriate space, decision making when attacking, defence structure, back 3 organisation, wingers awareness, scrum body positions, ball retention at collision time, counter-rucking, D organisation at ruck/maul, arrows at line out (namely 4 ball).


Attitude, respect for eachother, team spirit, ability to jackle/turnover, go forward, listening and acting on info (half-time etc), individual tackling, intensity in hit, applying pressure, absorbing pressure.


Great Work Greens!

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