WCRB 11 Sussex Downs 56

Worthing Blues traveled to Lewes to play the highly rated and fancied Sussex Downs side in the BCS League and Cup double header.


The Blues were behind right from the off when slick passing putting the home side in for the score and to be honest it didn’t get any better after that. Worthing spent much of the half chasing and missing tackles!


It was 51-6 to the home side at the half. A measured but robust half time chat was conducted by the coach where he asked his guys to ‘show some heart’ and that they did.


First score in the second half went to Worthing with Mee crossing for 5 points. Unfortunately the extras were missed and it was 51-11. The score line didn’t get any better, worse in fact but the performance was exceptional.


All of the front row played very well, gaining parity in the scrum with the interchange being used to keep players fit and fresh as could be expected. Fife, Gibson, Hrydynskyy, Trevis and Lawal were very strong in whichever combination they were used. Wand delivered good line out ball in conjunction with his jumpers. Mills and Morris in the second row were excellent, carrying and tackling in equal measure. The back row to a man were brilliant in the second half. Mee, Lake and Dunk all made excellent contributions, with Masham and Bathurst coming on and not looking at all out of place. Doughty went well at 9 with Beecham and Gibson (when needed) struggling but persisting in getting the backs moving. Bath and Deschamps did not have much ball to work with but their partnership developed greatly in throughout the game, very pleasing indeed. The back 3 again was manful in their efforts with two of the best moments in the match occurring coming from them. Firstly with Tessier rounding 5 players in seemingly no space and only coming up 2m short of the line. The second again involving Tessier as the main protagonist was an exceptional try saving tackle. Marshaled toward Tessier by Harkin the attacker was felled just short of the line. Evans again showed he is a player of great promise and is developing very well as a 15. Freeman came on and made tackles without seeing much ball to attack with but didn’t look out of his depth at this level and that was very pleasing as he had earned the opportunity playing in the Greens.


By my count there were six U19s, eight U18s and seven U17s in todays squad. This points towards an increasingly bright, challenging and exciting future. If the U19s that played today continue to show the leadership exhibited in the second half the younger players are going to benefit a lot from the experience.


The Blues are in action next week at Reigate College in the 4th round of the NatWest Vase, then on to a County CUp 1/4 final v Angmering (away) on December 18th. Lots of rugby still to be played before we break for the Xmas food fest, so lets keep at it and learn from it!

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