BCS Regional Championships K2 Crawley

Best netball event of the year, netball played indoors !!. This year saw 14 teams from the BCS enter which meant two groups of 7 games and the games were 10 mins each way. Worthings first opponents were Collyers. This game did not go to plan, Worthing were too complacent and got off to a very poor start from which they were unable to recover losing 13-8. Words were spoken and the next opponents were Chichester, a much more determined Worthing team arrived on court and got off to a great start with some superb shooting from Lana and defensive work in particular from Shannon, result 15-8 win to Worthing. Next up was Bhasvic, one of the fancied teams for the tournament, the netball Worthing played here was the best of the season. the passing was slick, shooting good and defense work from everyone lead to us drawing 12-12 – result of the day. Itchen College were our next opponents, Itchen are reknown for their physical style on play and this game was no different. Worthing battled really well and were holding Itchen 8-8 until one unsavoury incident towards the end of the game which caused Worthing to lose focus, running out 10-8 losers, a good result against a team who made the final but it could have been better. Next up for us was Sussex Downs, again Lana and Katherine worked extremely hard and Lana’s shooting was awesome. The final score was 16-6. the last game of the day was against Peter Symonds who are always a class act on the netball courts and today was no different. Having only got 9 players, options were limited and 5 of the girls had played every game and were extremely tired at this point. Peter Symonds were outstanding, Worthing poor which reflected in a final score of 12-2. A disappointing end to the day but some of the netball we played at times was excellent.

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