Worthing College Rugby Greens 0 Angmering 35

The weather was not great as Worthing College Rugby Greens lined up to face Angmering at Worthing RFC. The match started with the Greens working into a very strong wind that was in some eyes a 30 point advantage. It was pleasing to see with such a changed starting 15 Worthing were putting together some good phases with ‘9 for the day’ Bathurst linking up with Swift very well to get the forwards moving. The Greens managed to put a number of phases together and made it into the opposition half only to be turned over by the bigger, more experienced Angmering side.


The game was spending much of its duration in the Greens half and after a good line out win by the Angmering side they managed to power over with the conversion it was 7-0 Angmering. Worthing managed to only give up 5 more points in the first half due to excellent work in defence, much improved in recent weeks and showing today.


So to the turn and the Greens were looking to build on the first half performance, however a mistake at the restart allowed the visitors in and a score was conceded within a minute of the start. Angmering went on to use their greater size, experience and playing time together to punish the Greens, however the home side did put plenty of pressure on the opponents line without success.


At the end of the match the Greens lost 35-0, this incidentally one point less than was conceded in the half of rugby played v Angmering in September. Proof indeed that the progress being made is impressive and after 8 weeks pretty speedy.


The front row was brilliant in the scrum and loose with Boxhall making excellent progress in his new position, working his opposite number over all encounters. Ali threw in excellent ball at line outs and carried a heavy ball into the collision. Hrydynskyy carried well and made an impact at the breakdown however he did spend some time resting on the side line at the invitation of the official. Blackmoore did lots of good work in the loose and defended very well. McGowan worked tirelessly in the scrum and loose, with Lynch the line out well and taking lots of ball at the front and disrupting theirs. The back row was phenomenal in difficult conditions playing against bigger more physical counterparts. Cook did excellent work over the ball with Agostini carrying well and Hammond making a real impact carrying and at the breakdown. Bathurst looked to have played scrum half for years, giving a good service to the 10 and making a real problem of himself around the base of the scrum and ruck. Swift again distributed excellent ball and got the backs moving  in difficult conditions. Jorge ran very well with the ball and continues to grow as a player and was a handful all day. Byrne defended well and started to show some promise with the ball at 13. The back 3 again showed excellent technical and tactical progression. Fowler worked well and showed an increase in rugby IQ if starved of a little ball. Pepper was agin dynamic, always dangerous with the ball in hand and an ever more effective defender without. Freeman was a defensive whirlwind and when he got the ball he was strong. Thompson came on and made tackle after tackle and stopped a number of opposition attacks before taking a late hit and coming off as a precaution. Mitchell showed more understanding although didn’t get to run with the ball, but tackled well in the last quarter of the match. Packham was brilliant on the floor and made a number of great tackles adding more performance to the team on the defensive side of the ball.


All in all it was a much improved performance by the Greens and another building block in the season. Lots to build on and lots still to come.

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