Worthing College Netball 32 Sussex Downs Lewes 36

If only netball games were 15 mins !! Worthing College got off to a flying start this afternoon despite the loss of captain Shannon Brightman, defender Lily Ross Thomas and centre court ploayer Ella Forest. 15-7 up at the end of the first quarter with some excellent shooting from Lana Brynes (carrying a hip injury) and Abi Lane. Second quarter Sussex Downs changed their GK and WA and Worthing stopped playing the decent netball of the first 15 mins. The shooting went off, the passing became poor and defensively we gave away far too many penalties. Half time score 19-19. Changes made at half time sadly did not improve the situation and we continued with sloppy passing, trying to force the ball into the circle and bad decision making. score end of third quarter 31-25 to them. Game was still winable but sadly we could not find the form of the first 15 mins and lost 32-36. Thank you Lana for playing despite hip problem Lana was their man of the match – For me Kathryn had an excellent game at WA.

Lots more to work on in training.


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