Havant 43 Worthing Netball 2nd Team 20 (away)

The 2nd team took to the road to play Havant in the Hampshire League. Havant dont enter the first team league so you can never be sure what you will face. On this occasion it was a strong Havant team, most of whoms players play in the Gosport and Hampshire adult league and with a GS of 6ft plus. Although the end result was a defeat, the day was a success I feel as the players put into practice a lot of the work we had done in training. Our passing was much stronger and much more accurate, there were far fewer dropped balls and we got in front of the opposition much more often, cutting out the overhead ball which is so easily intercepted. Sharna Challenger was outstanding at WA, taking everything she had worked on int training into the game and was rightly named man of the match by the opposition. Saxona Woolgar also had a good game at GA, getting in front of the defence well and shooting some spectular goals from distance.

Keep working hard girls and a win will come. Its good to see you all wanting to watch the recording of the game to see how you played individually. Great attitude.

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