Womens Football V Kingston (A) Lost 1-2

Worthing College started very quickly scoring a goal through Amy Green in the 6th minute from a powerful drive from the edge of the box, in this first

15 minutes Worthing had the majority of possession and created a few half chances, Kingston seemed to then step up the pace and were quicker to the ball and attacked with pace, Worthing seemed to sit back and started to give possession away far too easily allowing Kingston to gain the upper hand, they scored 2 goals in this spell going in at half time 2-1 up.  Worthing started the second half with more energy and calmness on the ball and were in the opponents half for the majority of the second half the only time Kingston threatened were with long passes which the defence and goalkeeper dealt with comfortably.  Unfortunately this possession didn’t result in goals but Worthing had several chances through Rebekah Dunt , Charlotte Owen, Sophie Tribe and Chloe Leliott including several goal mouth scrambles that seemed to fall to the Kingston players.  The team came off with their heads held high knowing if they could keep consistency in their play and calmness when in and around opponents penalty area they will score more goals.


Player of the match Hayley Bridge – always available for a pass and a real determination to succeed

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