Worthing College Rugby Blues 5 Eastbourne College 10

NatWest Cup Round 3


Worthing College U18 Blues 5 Eastbourne College 10.


Well the ‘ifs’ ‘buts’ and ‘may bes’ were all out on show after this heavily dampened cup tie. Worthing traveled to Eastbourne College to challenge for the right to get into the NatWest cup round 4 with high expectations and positive thoughts. Unfortunately the Blues did not make the best of the opportunities placed before them and ultimately paid the price.


Worthing scored first with a try from Gibson after some good forward work around the break down. Although not converted the Blues still looked like they could take control of the match and progress. However the exciting EC backs were more than a match for the Blues and scored a great try out stripping the Blues defence and rounding under the horns. 7-5 EC up.


Worthing made few visits to the EC 22m in the remainder of the half but were robust in defence and managed to reach the break with all to play for.


Focus points at the half were on the defensive side of the ball, not attack the ruck and get out to the first receiver and for the attack, clear the ruck and create quick ball to play with.


Throughout the second period it was clear that the defensive work was starting to pay off and the Blues looked strong only a couple of times being put under real pressure. But the line did indeed stay firm. EC managed to strike a good penalty goal in the conditions to take the lead out to 10-5.


With only a few minutes left Worthing decided to start playing with width and ambition. This leading to line breaks and the chance to attack. However support was not in attendance and the opportunities passed.


Worthing could and possibly should have managed to win this match comfortably, but didn’t and as a result didn’t deserve to. It is so pleasing to see that the Blues can play at this level, competing with the likes of Eastbourne College however when it comes to closing out the match and making use of each advantage, we are not there yet!


Try: Gibson

MOM: Jordan Gibson

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