Worthing College Netball v St Bedes County Cup Lost 31-21

Fortunately on a very wet day, the game was held indoors at St Bedes’s amazing sport facility in Upper Dicker. The team was depleted due to a driving test and an injury ! however this opened opportunities to others as there was no 2nd team game. The warm up was completed with good concentration and after the problems we had in training I felt this was a positive sign.Lauren Steady (WD) and Katherine Heater (WA) made their first team debuts, due to their hard work and effort in training with Abi Lane starting in the first team as GS. Unfortunately the warm up did not translate into the first quarter of the game and far too many errors and poor accuracy from the shooters resulted in a score at quarter time of 10-4 to St Bedes. Changes were made at quarter time with Ella Forrest coming on at Centre and Katie Lankshear moving to WA. The 2nd quarter started better and and with 5 mins to go to half time the difference was 2 goals ! sadly concentration seemed to go and by half time we were down 19-12. The game continued in the same pattern, bad decision making, shots not translating into goals, getting closer then losing it again. Final score 31-21.

On the plus side, the game was filmed from both ends of the court and the girls were keen to watch it on the way back to learn about their mistakes and areas that need improvement.

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