Pre-Season Week AASE Rugby

Women’s Rugby Academy

The new Worthing College AASE Women’s Rugby Squad are gearing up for the new season with an intensive pre-season week, which will develop the players both mentally and physically.

Players begin with sampling and being inductive in the all-new state of the art Fitness Centre, where they will be prescribed a personalised programme catering for their individual needs and requirements. They will also have access to qualified Personal Trainers which will help them achieve their goal of playing to the highest level.

Coupled with the conditioning aspect, the squad also have access to a qualified nutritionist who will run through firstly the importance of nutrition but also develop an nutritional plan which will cater for not only rugby, but individually specific to compliment the season, training and also injury.

The week concludes with the important messages about safe driving and how the players and college are helping supporting the good work of the Chestnut Tree House Charity.  Both the talks play an important part for not only the development and understanding of players but also helps the College support the local community.

Mark Rugman, the Women’s Rugby Coach reiteriates the importance of the week.“Pre season week is great for players and coaches to ease back into the competitive sporting environment, and plays an important role in the development of players” “We are fortunate to have a squad with a number of talented players who will all play an important part in the season. Therefore pre-season week is going to play an important part for the development of the AASE women’s rugby team and programme”.

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