Rugby Performance Programme – 17.10.12

The ʻBluesʼ made their way to Guildford RFC to face the stern test that

Godalming College would surely provide. This came in a many forms, shapes

and sizes.


WC got the best of the early exchanges and missed a penalty then Leeming

strolled over under the horns after some excellent team build up work.

Unfortunately the extras were not added.


The home side then made the first of many charges in the ʻBluesʼ 22. And

before you could say Jack Ware got gassed by Joe Fife Worthing were down



With the official not seeming to give much to the way of the way of the visitors

Worthing struggled to get a rhythm together, but Ware did do some excellent

work in mid field, dropping the first man off the bus and stepping, rolling and

fending his way over close to the posts. Worthing even at 17-17.

Thats how it stayed at the half.


The ʻBluesʼ turned round and had a healthy breeze behind them. This was

used to great effect by the visitors and pressure built in the Godalming 22. A

sharp pick up from the base from the 5m scrum and Mee went over with

Leeming on the extras. 24-17 ʻBluesʼ.


This was nearly the best part of the match for Worthing and everything looked

hunky-doorey until a small altercation on the Worthing left hand side. Duffield

the ʻpacifierʼ was given a 10mins rest as was the recipient of the ʻclenched fist

chin rubʼ Ware 10mins for him too.

The man in the middle made sure that the game was still a fair contest by

sending one of the home side for a little breather.


Worthing held out for the duration of the rest period, then went back on the

offensive. The last 5mins of the match presented some excellent rugby in the

oppositions half. A try for Mee in the right corner was as a result of some

excellent inter play and decision making. Then a near carbon copy was

offered up to Connolly, and with the ball hitting the upright from Leemingʼs

conversion attempt, the final was Worthing 34 Godalming 17.


A tough day at the office for Worthing, the collision needs to be looked at,

along with decision making during phase play. Referee management may be

on the menu also…. for another day perhaps?


Iʼll take the win and the scores were tidy.

See you Monday – Ben

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