Netball Performance Programme – 17.10.12

Wednesday brought Sion to Worthing College for County Cup Game, thought it wouid be a very close affair as a number of their players have been my club players and the team plays in the local league together. Shannon Brightman got off her sick bed to play against her old school, which we were very grateful for.


The game started in a manic fashion as is so often the way when both teams know each other, mistakes all across the court but Worthing managed to take advantage of outstanding defending by Hannah, Shannon, Beth and Sarah which gave the Worthing shooters plenty of opportunities to score – not all of which were taken but at quarter time Worthing had taken a good lead of 9 – 3 which really did not reflect the quarter. The second quarter Worthing continued to dominate defense and the shooting improved, heads in the Sion team went down and Worthing had a lead of 19-7 at half time.


Changes were made with Emily Begley being replaced with Abi  Tipler and Lana Brynes gave way to Louisa Maynard. With the changes Worthing took a while to settle in the attack but the defense stood firm and the quarter ended 27-11. Realistically the game was over but further changes in position were made to allow Emily to learn from Katie Pearcy, final score 36-17.


To be fair to Sion, the score did not reflect the game and the players knew they had been in a game. Defensively we were excellent, movement in the attack was better than Sions but still a lot of work to do. Brighton College will be a much stiffer contest in the next round.


Player of the Match – Beth Finn



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