Netball Performance Programme Round Up 10.10.12


The netball academy took its bi annual trip to the New Forest to play Brockenhurst, one of the best teams in Hampshire. Their first team comprised of a number of players who are playing Regional Div 1 netball so we knew we were in for a tough game.  We started well and it could have been so different if we had put our shots away as we intercepted their centre pass on the first two occasions however missed shots meant we were 5 -0 down, the first 15 mins were a real struggle, we were stationery to receive the ball, hence they intercepted it, our passing was poor and Begley’s shooting inaccurate. First quarter ended 11-6 down.


Laura Joseph had to be replaced due to a back injury and Lily was brought into the first team. The players themselves recognised what was going wrong which was good and 2nd half, whilst we lost the quarter again by a 5 goal margin, the movement onto the ball was better, with Lana Brynes in particular responding to the coaching at quarter time. Third quarter was the best, losing it by 1 goal despite Shannon Brightman taking an absolute flyer into the tarmac!


Fourth quarter, I changed the team around to see if anything worked better but it didn’t!


Final Score Brockenhurst 40 Worthing 27


Hopes for the game were that we competed – that we did, learnt a lot a long the way and it was an eye opener for the two yr12 players re the physical nature


Both the 1st and and 2nd team Netball travelled afar on 10th October along long roads and country lanes admiring the horses as we drove by. After a 1½ hour journey we arrived at Brockenhurst College.


Brockenhurst were ready and pumped for us. We arrived onto the courts with them warming up, very professionally I might add to banging tunes. Our girls warmed up with the advantage of listening to some good tunes and then we got into our teams to start the matches.


The second team started off very shaky. We found it hard to work the ball around the circle to get it into our shooters due to Brocks defenders being very tall. Nevertheless, the solution could have been solved by getting in front and this was rarely happening. Despite working on moving into space and getting in front of players in training, we found this hard to do. From this, it reflected on the score as the first quarter ended 17-1 to Brockenhurst. Defensively however, Amelia and Beth were working so hard to try and stop the balls throughout the whole game, but again Brock had height in the shooting circle which made over head balls hard to intercept.


In the second quarter, Becky came on in replace of Lily who went to play on the 1st team game due to Laura hurting her back. The game play from the girls still did not improve from the first quarter. We needed some fight in us. We kept possession in some aspect however; silly passes lost us the chance to work the ball down the court. The second quarter ended 30-4 to Brock.


The third quarter I must say was Worthing’s best quarter of the game! The talk off court after the second quarter must have done something to give the girls a kick up the bum. From out of no where, communication was found and the girls were working well together both in the circle shooting and defensivly. The fight was on and I could see that the girls were really trying and Brock were stunned that we were giving it back. The ball was going into the circle nicely, nice enough that we won that quarter over Brock with us scoring 8 goals and Brock only scoring 5! Abbie and Louisa found the flow and the ball was flying in making the score at the end of the 3rd quarter 35-12 to Brock. There were some lovely interceptions which really helped us gain a bit of confidence. The girls came off the court feeling proud of how well that quarter went compared to the rest of the game. I praised them also and said to keep it up in the last quarter!


Did they keep it up? Unfortunately, I’m afraid not. We just lost it again. It was like a repeat of the first quarter. The fight had gone and Brock came back harder than ever with a few changes they made to players. As one of their supporters shouted “ Well done girls you reached your target!” aka Brock was aiming the get 50 goals in and so they did. The last quarter ended with Brock winning 52-14. A well-played game by Brock who I think was more mentally prepared before the game than we were and seemed to want it more. Well done to the Worthing girls for trying. It was an experience to take back and work on.


Final Score Brockenhurst 53 Worthing 14


Over and Out- Amelia Stubbs


Well done to Amelia Smith (GK) who earned the players player of the game


(2nd game in a row – not bad for a WA converted to GK this season for the college)


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